Massimiliano Carli

Owner of Max Carli Servizi

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Professional growth

Max Carli is artistically grown, beginning in 1987 as a DJ, when he was only 14; estabishes himself as an appreciated professional for parties in clubs e discos, private parties, organizes nights and seasons in Sicily (Capo d'Orlando) - La tartaruga Disco, Umbria (Perugia) - Red-Zone, Tuscany (Capalbio) - Onda Anomala, Sardinia (Caprera) - Club Med, to mension a few.

Works abroad

Subsequently he made a lot of experiences abroad, where he collaborates with some big brands of Tourism and Holiday Villages:
Eden Viaggi in Marsa Alam (Egypt); Villaggi Bravo Tanzania; Viaggi del Ventaglio Greece, Egypt and Tunisy and Club Med Italia.

Status of Sound Engineer and collaboration with Teatro alla Scala

Over the years his passion for the music leads him to the specialization so he becomes Sound Engineer at S.A.E. Institute in Milan, among the best in Europe. Subsequently, he gained qualifications, specific know-how and a complete qualification that have led him to a collaboration with Teatro Alla Scala untill now. Infact Max Carli is Sound engineer, Phonic, Microphone technician and Audio Editor.

Radio e Tv Experiences

He has been phonic musical programs editor for the Radio and he had a collaboration with Radio Time, Radio Ondazzurra, Radio Sole; he's registered at SIAE as author and compositor. These qualifications, with the passion for his job, earned him the collaboration with the biggest tv's networks and the most important TV productions.

Mixer Audio e Microphone Technician for In Onda LA7 Microphone Technician for Mediaset Matrix
Phonic and Microphone technician for Amici 10 Microphone Technician for UEFA Champions League Finale Roma 2009
Microphone Technician for Rai: Serata Giovani, I Borbone si raccontano Phonic of Presa Diretta Telepromozioni Wind Music Award
Phonic of Presa Diretta Phonic AMICI 8 and AMICI 9
Phonic for Auditorium Parco della Musica Sound Diffusion Set Up for Grande Fratello 9
Phonic for Ciao Darwin 6 Phonic for Roma Alta Moda
Sound Recording Phonic for “Diario di un chirurgo" with Roy De Vita Phonic for Fascino Produzioni: Ballo delle Debuttanti - C'E' posta per te
Phonic for Fascino Produzioni AMICI 9 Mediaset Premium Phonic for Teatro alla Scala and Arcimboldi Milano
Phonic for RAI (Era Glaciale) Microphone Technician for Uomini e Donne and Amici
Microphone Technician for LA7 (NdP - Niente di Personale) Microphone Technician for RAI FICTION
Phonic for G8 (L'Aquila 2009) Video Operator and Editor: MAGIC TV, SAT 8 and SAT 9; Canale Italia
Phonic for LA7 Otto e Mezzo, Omnibus and Omnibus Live Video Operator and Editor: Cinque Stelle ; EcoTV
Phonic for Todi Arte Festival - Direzione Maurizio Costanzo Video Operator and Editor: Salsa World Festival RAI